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Alex the Eagle


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Sailing with us offers unique vantages that can only be seen from the water…

  • Alexander Graham Bell’s summer mansion

Our tour offers the only unobstructed view of the inventor’s mansion! Captain John and the crew will provide an overview of “The Bell Estate” and the neighboring properties of historical significance. You will be surprised at the major events that occurred here including the first Montessori School in North America, and the founding of the National Geographic. Furthermore, the crew will educate you on the many inventions of Alexander Graham Bell and his wife Mabel Bell.

  • Flight of the Silver Dart

See where the first flight in the British Empire occurred in 1909

  • Spectacle Island, bird sanctuary

Birdwatchers and animal enthuiasts delight! On the tour you will see pairs of bald eagles, kormorans, seals, and other marine birds.

  • Watch Captain John feed the great Bald Eagles

Captain John has been feeding two pairs of bald eagles and their offspring for almost 15 years. The eagles have their nests near the shoreline and take flight when the Captain calls. Yes, really. This is a spectacle you need to see to believe. 

  • Baddeck Light House & Kidston Island
  • Baddeck Shoreline

And the surrounding communities of Washabuck, and Boularderie Islands, Kempt Head

  • Bras d’Or Lakes geography 
  • Endless photo opportunities