About Amoeba Sailing

How can I book a tour?

To book a tour, please sign-up at the end of the Baddeck wharf at our stand. We accept reservations several days in advance. You may also call us at 902-295-7780 during office hours 9:00am – 6:00pm AST 

How can I book a private tour?

Please call us as early as possible to secure a private booking for the boat. You may also send us an email inquiry at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Favourite drink? Music? Catering? Proposal? We would be delighted to discuss how we can make your experience unique.

Are walk-ons welcome?

Yes but please note we are a poplar tour that does sell out. We encourage you to sign up in advance or put your name on the list as stand-bys. Please arrive ten minutes before the scheduled departure time and speak to one of the crew. We would love to accommodate you if we have the capacity.

Where are you located?

We are located at the Baddeck wharf (any local will be able to point you the way!). Landmarks include the Bras d’Or Yacht Club and the red building the Old Freight Shed

What will I see on the tour?

Please see our tours page for complete details. Note that we do not have puffins or whales in our lake.

Do you actually feed the eagles?

Yes, and it is an experience that never gets old for us either. Captain John has been feeding two pairs of eagles and their offspring for almost 15 years. They come when called. It is a sight you must see for yourself

Do you actually sail the boat?

Heck yes. The motor is used to come on and off the dock and (sadly) if there is no wind, but our preference is to power the boat by sail as she was intended do be.

What about adverse sailing conditions?

If it is too windy to sail safely with guests on board, the Captain will cancel the tour. The Captain frequently monitors the weather via radar and will inform guests if the tour will be rained out prior to departure.

Can we go below deck to see the boat?

Yes, you may. Adults please accompany young children who wish to see the boat and supervise as it is close quarters. Adults, we encourage you to visit down below after the tour.

What do I need to bring with me?

In the event of cool weather, we advise you to dress in layers. Wear sunscreen, a hat and of course, bring a camera. We do have lots of throw blankets of board, and in the event of an unexpected sprinkle of rain, we have lots of long yellow slickers.

Can I drink on board?

Yes, it is encouraged, but only from our licensed bar! We are sailors after all. Outside alcohol is strictly forbidden. We have a variety of ice-cold beer and coolers, as well as white and red wine. Pop and water is also available for purchase.

Do you sell food on board?

No, but we allow guests to bring their own snacks and food within reason. We really discourage bringing chips on board as they make quite a mess on our deck. Please ask about catering for private bookings.

I need help related to a physical disability:

We have successfully accommodated people with canes, walkers and wheelchairs in the past. To board the vessel, there is a flight of ten steps going down to a floating dock, then a step up to board the vessel and a narrow walkway to the seats. We cannot physically accommodate a wheelchair on board, but our able bodied crew will happily lift and carry our guests on board who need that help. We allow dogs and other support animals on board.

I am a bit nervous about being on the water:

Please speak to the Captain and we will do our best to accommodate. Remember that in 30 years of business we have never had anyone seasick or fall overboard.

Will I get seasick?

In almost 30 years we have never had a guest get seasick. The waters of the lake are generally calm and the motions of our vessel are quite smooth, and not rocky which is what tends to make passengers sick.

What safety precautions are on board?

We are fully inspected by the Canadian Coast Guard each year. We follow all of their precautions and regulations including but not limited to; fire extinguishers, life rafts, radio, flares etc. 

Please note all passengers aboard the Amoeba must wear a lifejacket as per coast guard regulation. They are not bulky, foam lifejackets, but instead very wearable vests that inflate once pulled. Also note: do not pull the lifejacket! This will result in a $75 fine.

Can children and infants come aboard?

Absolutely. Children under five are free. We ask you keep a close watch on your children and go with them should they want to move around the vessel or go down below. 

Do you have washrooms aboard?

Yes, we have a small washroom, but we strongly encourage you to use the public washrooms at the Bras D’or Yacht clubs before departure.

What is the cost of a tour?

Adults - $30.00 tax inc

Children (5-14) - $15.00 tax inc

One child under the age of five is free

Please speak to the captain for a group rate of parties ten or more and for private tours

Can I get tickets in advance?

As a small, family run business we do not issue physical tickets or confirmation numbers

When do I pay?

We also do not require payment nor credit card deposit in advance! We collect payment after the tour.

How can I pay?

We accept Canadian and American currency, Visa, or cheques. Please no Mastercard nor American Express

Are tips included?

No, but they are graciously accepted if we provided you an excellent service!

Why the name Amoeba?

After ten exhausting years of building his beloved boat, Roy and his family spent many hours trying to decide on a name that would be fitting for such a magnificent vessel.

Roys eldest son came up with the name Amoeba. To biologists an amoeba is not a very sexy name, but there were several lines of thought tha went along with the decision to call her Amoeba.

One is that an amoeba is seemingly microscopic, schooner Amoeba when sailing the seas also appears to be microscopic when compared to the vast open waters and endless skies, even though she is of  significant size.

An amoeba is a single cell, said to be the beginning of life, well after ten years of construction, there was most certainly the beginning of a new life for Roy and his wife, as they sold their home and retired from their careers to move on board and begin living their dream.

It is also a very unusual name for a boat, and the question "why the name Amoeba?"  is asked countless times throughout the sailing season. Each time the question is answered it is a way of remembering what Roy and Elizabeth accomplished when they built this boat, and also a way of paying tribute to the legacy they left behind.