About Amoebe Sailing

Amoeba Sailing Tours is a small family business operating from the beautiful resort village of Baddeck, on Cape Breton Island. The original captain of the Amoeba is Roy Bryson, who not only started the company but built the vessel herself, alongside his wife Elizabeth and their children. Their youngest son, John Bryson, is now her owner and operator – proud to be the Captain of Baddeck.

Over 30 years in business.


We are a four-hour drive from Halifax, and one hour and fifteen minutes from Sydney. Baddeck is a small village, so we are not hard to find. We are located on Jones St., which can be accessed by car or by walking, via Chebucto or Water Street. We dock at the end of the Baddeck Communtity Wharf, so come for a stroll and see us.

Please note that we do not have an office. For more information on how to contact us and book a tour, please see the “TOURS” page.


Parking during the busy seasons near the wharf is limited, so we encourage parking along Water St. or simply walking to meet us. Landmarks to look for are the Yello Cello Café (the wharf is across the street) and the Bras d’Or Yacht club.

The Season

Amoeba Sailing Tours operates from end of May to Late October. During the months of May, June and September we are quite busy with school field trips and cruise ships who are visiting our beautiful island. July and August are our most popular months with many travelers visiting the island by themselves or with their families. September and October is great time of year to come see the shoreline when the leaves are changing colour – just bring a light jacket!