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The engine is in



As you can see from the following photos, the engine is in place in the boat! It all happened yesterday afternoon, the forklift truck arrived at the boat with our motor dangling precariously on the front.  Because we have been here for so long, the entire crew who work here in Jolly Harbour boatyard are aware of our situation, and they have been very supportive, it was interesting to see them following the forklift to watch the ‘launching” of the engine.

There were a few stressful moments as it was raised high off the ground in order to lower it through the gaping hole in the cabin top, and into its resting place inside the wheel house!


Carl , our trusty mechanic, and his team Dennis, Alan have been here most of the day working with John. At time of writing, there are some delays with the lining up of the motor mounts. It is clear that it is going to be a slower process to get everything installed that we had perhaps, at first anticipated.


Meanwhile, the rest of us have been busy making other preparations. Jamie and Melvin have been doing some last minute varnish work, Kristy and I have been baking and cooking for the voyage back home. From the look of the boat, as seen in the following pictures,  one has to wonder, will we ever be ready to leave?


On a different note, there is a very interesting boat tied up beside us. Its a 36ft steel sloop from Denmark, there is  a family of five on board, plus two Danish crew, and they are picking up a third crew member in Guadeloupe  at the weekend. They heading to the Azores, a voyage they anticipate will take them about 25 days. They have enough food for 45 days! They do not have a fridge or freezer on board and plan to eat lots of rice and beans and canned goods! The boat seems so small and they are packed to the rafters!  They are a very friendly interesting group of people with an adorable five year old boy, called Tor – he cannot speak English, but when he is chatting he sounds like a “Sim” character! Its been interesting to watch them provision the boat. They have bought 60 cartons of UHT milk and are filling 120  5 gallon jugs of water. We wish them well and are only slightly envious that they are leaving Jolly Harbour!


So another work day is coming to a close – there has been some progress made today, so we will be thankful that we are one day closer to leaving.


Here are a few pictures I have taken the last couple of days



THE FORK LIFT ARRIVES                                                                      GETTING IT READY


                                                                                                                   UP AND OVER THE HOLE




CARL - OUR MECHANIC                                               THE BOAT IS A DISASTER  WITH ALL THE ACTIVITY



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Posted by Amoeba Sailing Tours on Wed, May 18, 2011 at 04:14 PM