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Still in Jolly Harbour - The classics


We are still in Jolly Harbour, awaiting the arrival of our new engine, its a ( Perkins 85HP) to be delivered from North Carolina, hopefully within 10 days, then 7 - 10 days to install and hook it up to our transmission, exhaust shaft etc then we should be on our way back. Its been quite an ordeal, we now completely understand "island time" and realize that things don't always work to our schedule. We are learning the true meaning of patience. I would be wrong if I said that it has not been stressful on the captain and crew, but its been ordered now and is out of our hands, so to speak until it arrives.

Fortunately we could have been stranded in worse places than this. We are within walking distance of Jolly Beach which is where we usually go every afternoon to cool off. its a long sandy beach with several resort hotels and villas, so there is always lots of action. we like to play the game of "guess when they arrived" which basically means we watch the pale white-skinned visitors and estimate when they arrived based on how white, or sunburned they are. Cruel, I know, but we do have time on our hands! If we tire of this public beach, we are just a dinghy ride away from secluded, perfectly white sandy, palm tree-lined deserted beachs, and the water is that amazing clear aqua colour. As we walk aroung the Jolly harbour community, we are beginning to recognise and get to know people. The cashiers at the grocery store, the bartenders at the Dogwatch Tavern, some security guards, the boatyard workers are all becoming familiar to us.


We were fortunate to be able to attend the Antigua Classis Yacht Regatta last week, this is a premier event that hosts 60 - 80 ketches,sloops, schooners and other traditional vessels. There were about 8 of the really big big boats which were just amazing to watch. We joined some friends on their boat for a few days, we motored out to one on the marker buoys and we watched the spectacle from the comfort of the boat. we were close enough to hear the instructions being shouted to the crew, to hear the sound of the sails as they tacked around the bouy and took some amazing pictures. After the races were over for the day, the fun continues on shore at the yacht club where sponsors like Mount Gay Rum, provided free rum for everyone, every day!!! There were many giveaways that included hats backpacks teeshirts etc. Oh what a party!

This event is listed in the book "1000 things to do before you die" and I can see why this regatta made the list. I considered mysef to be very fortunate to be there, certainly a once in a lifetime experience. Next week is the beginning of Antigua Sailing Week.....


Kristy and I continue to go into school 3 days a week to help out with a few of the kids. Its been a great experience for us. The Principal, Mrs Joseph, is an inspirational lady who clearly loves these children. Many of these kids will not go on to to highr education, even coplete school or get the help they so desperately need with resource and testing for learning difficulties. Somehow someway they will just 'get through" . She teaches them self respect, the power of positive self-talk, about making choices and about taking responsibility for the decisions they make. Its very uplifting to be in her classroom!


So thats what we are doing, and likely this will be our pattern for the next couple of weeks until our circumstances change.

Pictures to follow




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Posted by Amoeba Sailing Tours on Tue, April 19, 2011 at 04:58 PM