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The engine is here.


After missing the departure of Tropical Shipping out of Miami by one day, we were informed that our motor was finally on its way, so we had another waiting period of six days before it would arrive in Antigua on Monday May 9th. Then it would have to go through customs, who, apparently, according to the day of the week, the weather conditions, their mood etc etc, could make this process simple, or complicated. They have been known to allow shipments to just remain on the customs dock for days and weeks at a time for no apparent reason. We were advised to hire a broker to help expedite this process. We found a lady who works at the nearby Budget Marine store who agreed to act on our behalf – she has seen us just waiting here and understood our situation.  So, Monday, came and went – no news, Tuesday, apparently it is here in Antigua, Wednesday, should be here tomorrow afternoon – now keep in mind we are just itching to have this motor here, and the mechanic is also waiting too, there are many things that need to be done to hook it up to our existing transmission, shaft, exhaust, batteries, electronics etc, so every day we do not have it delays us in our departure.

Thursday afternoon, we hear and excited voice calling to us from the dock “Amoeba, It’s here”

And indeed it was here. The mechanics unpacked the crate and there she was – all shiny and blue! Now, Carl, our mechanic, looked it over carefully, there was no excitement to be seen on his face! He picked up our adapter plate that would be attached to the new motor and quite clearly it was not going to fit! There were a lot of tense moments as they discussed options and made phone calls to the manufacturer ( it was their error), so now, they are able to made adaptations to the  motor and plate in order to make it fit. Again, more delays, and of course, today being Saturday, the boatyard is only open till noon, the mechanics returning to work on Monday morning!  Island Time at its finest!


Its Finally Here                                                                                                       Thats the adapter plate that doesn't fit!!


So we continue to wait. John has done all he can so far, we have to wait til Monday for the mechanics to return. We are busying ourselves for the trip back, making and freezing meals, going through possessions to eliminate clutter and beginning to secure things in the event of rolly rough seas. Some last minute varnishing and painting is being done to make the boat look pretty when we do finally arrive.

Once the engine is hooked up and running well – we need to take an overnight trip to a nearby island, to run the engine just to make sure that everything will be ok for the sail back.


Its hard to believe we have been sitting on this dock for 6 weeks! We are all very anxious to get back – its been quite stressful at times to say the least, but its also been the ultimate lesson in patience!

We are very thankful to Rob and Lauren, our Australian /american friends from Arita, they have been very supportive every step of the way. We are really going to miss them. We have gone out with them on hikes, experienced the Antigua Classic Regatta, been introduced to their friends, have partied with them in various bars and restaurants and shared lots of stories and experiences with them over dinners and wine. Soon we will go our separate ways, we are heading North, they are heading to Curacao for the hurricaine season then will head through the Panama Canal on their way to Australia. Our lives have certainly been brightened and enlightened by these two wonderful people. Rob has a wonderful blog that he updates regularly   aritacruising.blogspot.com 


Rob & Lauren                                                                                                         Dinner on the Amoeba



So the weekend is here. the girls and I are going riding later today, the stables are owned by a colourful rasta man who goes by the name of Sunfire - the horses are well-cared for and are in excellent condition. there is nothing in the world like the feeling of galloping in the surf at sunset - - see its not all bad here in Antigua!





                                                                                                                               Candy Land - where they make the best rum punch


My meditation chair on the beach                                                                    Our Home for the past 6 weeks

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Posted by Amoeba Sailing Tours on Sat, May 14, 2011 at 02:15 PM