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The beginning of another adventure

On Friday November 12th 2010 the Amoeba left the wharf in Baddeck to embark on yet another adventure. After weeks and months of planning, the Amoeba was finally ready to begin another long voyage out to the ocean. The forecast was favorable, it indicated at least five days of reasonable winds and seas.
The crew, Owner John Bryson, Mac Fuller, Jamie Kennedy and Joey Burroughs spent the final couple of hours that beautiful sunny morning at the dock chatting excitedly with the many family members, friends, neighbors and well-wishers who had gathered at the wharf to wish then all bon voyage. The local minister arrived to offer the Amoeba and crew a very special blessing, which was a very moving occasion for everyone. Then it was time to leave. Group photographs of the crew and family were taken; last minute hugs and encouraging comments were made, the motor was started, the lines were untied, and then the Amoeba pulled away from the wharf as John blew the conch shell - a final goodbye to everyone.
They sailed to St Peters that day, which took them about five hours. They passed through the locks at St Peters canal, which meant they could spend the night and slip away early on Saturday morning, heading for Bermuda; a crossing that John anticipated would take eight days.
 They had spent that first evening at St Peters relaxing a little over a beer and a good meal, anticipating what lay ahead, so after a good nights sleep, the best they would have for a week or so, they left that morning full of nervous excitement and energy, not being completely sure of what they were about to encounter, they had a great five day forecast which portended fair winds and easy seas. The real adventure was about to begin!
The Amoeba would be away in the Caribbean all winter until it was time to return to resume the sailing season in Baddeck on June 1st, 2011. Kristy, Laura and I would join John, Joey and Jamie in December. They would fly into St Maartin after their final exams had been written at university and join the boat in Philipsburg. Laura would return to school after Christmas, then join them again in April and be part of the crew to sail back home. The rest of us will be on board for the remainder of the trip.

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Posted by Amoeba Sailing Tours on Fri, November 12, 2010 at 10:03 AM