About Amoebe Sailing

Why the name Amoeba?

After ten exhausting years of building his beloved boat, Roy and his family spent many hours trying to decide on a name that would be fitting for such a magnificent vessel.

Roys eldest son came up with the name Amoeba. To biologists an amoeba is not a very sexy name, but there were several lines of thought tha went along with the decision to call her Amoeba.

One is that an amoeba is seemingly microscopic, schooner Amoeba when sailing the seas also appears to be microscopic when compared to the vast open waters and endless skies, even though she is of  significant size.

An amoeba is a single cell, said to be the beginning of life, well after ten years of construction, there was most certainly the beginning of a new life for Roy and his wife, as they sold their home and retired from their careers to move on board and begin living their dream.

It is also a very unusual name for a boat, and the question "why the name Amoeba?"  is asked countless times throughout the sailing season. Each time the question is answered it is a way of remembering what Roy and Elizabeth accomplished when they built this boat, and also a way of paying tribute to the legacy they left behind.