About Amoebe Sailing

Amoeba Sailing Tours is a small family business operating from the beautiful resort village of Baddeck, on Cape Breton Island. During the past 24 years, countless people have enjoyed the warm hospitality and the entertaining narrative given by Captain John Bryson, Owner/ Operator of the Amoeba. Amoeba Sailing Tours offers passengers a unique opportunity to sail the Bras d’Or Lakes near Baddeck from the deck of a 67ft Schooner.

This year we are celebrating our 24th season, and we invite you to join us this summer aboard the Amoeba, where we guarantee you a delightful sail in total comfort, that is sure to inspire everyone.

Amoeba is a real sailboat, a reminder of earlier times when sails were large and numerous, masts tall and rigging oversized, hulls shapely and sensuous. The lakes are big enough for her, though, and when out on the water she looks comfortable and free. The winds appear to be sufficient to keep her satisfied, and the open stretches of water sufficiently wide to give her adequate "sea room." As a backdrop to her black hull and golden teak and white sails working with the wind, the waters of the Bras d'Or Lakes run out to the green fir forests of the distant hills....
From the log of S/V Kobuk

The building of the Amoeba is a heart warming story about a man and his dream. Read Roy's Dream, the building of the Amoeba.

Technical Notes on Amoeba

The Amoeba has five sails, and is Staysail Schooner with a Wishbone Rig. She has a main sail. 2 staysails, a jib and a Wishbone

Maiden Voyage: September 6th, 1977
Length overall: 67ft
Beam: 15.3ft
Draft: 8.3ft
Weight: 36 tonnes (including 12 tonnes ballast in the keel)
Length of waterline: 48ft
Hull Speed: 8:1/2 knots
Hull and Deck Materials: Ferro Cement hull, and a teak deck.

Amoeba Sailing Tours, Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Amoeba passengers sail the Bra d'Or Lakes of Cape Breton and see the Alexander Graham Bell mansion, bald eagles, and the Baddeck shore line.